Heaven now has two beautiful angels. Rest peacefully together, RiSe & EunB. You will be missed.

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Anonymous said: what's your ideal type of girl?

someone who likes me without having to be obsessive. I don’t have ideal looks, just as long as they look natural.


Out of all the girls I met in my life, you were by far the best I met. My stupidity and immaturity caused our relationship to fall and end up painful. Maybe if I did better, we would still be together. I’m sorry I made you into what you became. You tried to help me overcome by lacks and fears but instead, I only passed them on to you. Knowing you’ll only get more hurt, you had no other choice but to leave me behind. The tears I saw from your eyes made me realize there is a person who actually loved me and I took it for granted… I hope there will be a day where we can see each other comfortably and be able to genuinely smile to each other. And coffee too…


the things Korean men say in dramas is incredible. 


trying to finish an essay thats due tomorrow more like


Anonymous said: are you still not over your ex girlfriend?

I think I’m pretty over her now lol